A Christmas Wedding: Reasons to Get Hitched in the Holiday Season

Author: Lula Walker

Merry Christmas everyone! We are publishing this blog on Christmas Eve and we wish you all the very best this holiday! If just the thought of this holiday brings you cheer, then perhaps you are the kind of person that would love a Christmas-themed wedding! In case you need any more convincing, here are a few reasons to couple your nuptials with this joyful holiday.

Tis the season to take time off.


One of the best parts of both weddings and Christmas is that they bring family and friends together. The holidays give people a break in their work schedules. Folks are primed for festivities and nothing is more festive than a wedding combined with Christmas. Send your Christmas-themed wedding invitations out at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date so your guests have time to make your wedding a part of their holiday plans. 

Plus, winter is a great time to get away for your honeymoon. How romantic is it to jump from your cozy, winter wonderland wedding to a steamy, sexy beach for your honeymoon? Imagine shedding the fur shrug for your new wife bikini.  


The Clothes

Holiday weddings inspire people to dress in their most glam. Wouldn't you love to see your guests all glitzed up in long gloves and floor-length velvet? 

Winter wedding dresses are wonderful with big trains and long sleeves.

Furthermore, you can skip on seeing your husband get uncomfortably sweaty in a tux thanks to the crisp winter weather.


Winter Wedding Venues are Ready to Go

Many wedding venues and chapels are already decorated to the max for Christmas so you can just piggyback on that. Another inexpensive way to add the magic of the season to your wedding is by using poinsettias, greenery, and candles. In addition, many local nurseries will allow you to borrow or rent evergreen plants or trees in pots and sometimes they will even deliver or pick up for a fee. Think Christmas trees at your wedding altar. Yes, Christmas trees were intentionally made plural.


The Flavors

The wintertime feast is rich with possibility. Roasted meats, candied nuts, peppermints and eggnogs. You and your fiancee will have a ball conjuring up all the nostalgic foods that you love.  


The Spirit Of Giving

Gift bags are so fun to think of with a Christmas bent. Party favors could include a Christmas Ornament or an elegant stocking. Giving is easy this time of year.



There are so many other ways to have a holiday themed wedding without having the stereotypical red and green color scheme, unless you want to. It's your day and you can make it what you love! You can give a lovely modern holiday nod at your event by using White, Silver, and Gold. And don't forget jewel tones: burgundy, kelly green, deep teal, and dark purple...using berries, greenery and even ornament balls. You can infuse your wedding space with the Christmas spirit by adding frosted greenery, mirrors and tinsel. You can even throw in some fur and leather to add a bohemian or Norwegian vibe at your event. And…Christmas lights. Need I say more? There really is no end to the possibilities 

In conclusion, go for it! If you and your beloved are Christmas enthusiasts that's all the reason you need! Your guests will join in the rejoicing and you will love this time of year even more for it. 


Photo credit thanks to Alesia Kazantceva.

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