9 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Wedding

Author: Lula Walker


1. Full Sleeve Lace Wedding Gown


Your dress is going to be gorgeous.  But why stop at the top of the shoulder?  Why not take that elegance all the way down your arm?  Long sleeved wedding dresses are just so lovely and refined.  A little crispness in the air lends itself to the added glam for your dress.



2. Velvet Bridesmaids Dresses


If not at a fall wedding, then when?  Autumn is the opportune time to drape your besties in velvet dresses.  Velvet is so luscious, forgiving and versatile.  Its richness flatters all shapes.  And it's totally happening this season, as far as trends go.



3. Fall Color Palette


Mmmm, color.  Love it.  Choosing your wedding colors is like stepping onto the launch pad for planning.  Once you have those picked, so much just falls into place.  So about fall...let's list some visually appealing combinations for the season:

Warm jewel tones.

Pumpkin, blush & sage.

Chocolate and pale blue.

Assorted deep purples.

Rust, clay, and adobe.

Emerald and pale pink.

Apricot and burgundy.

Black, white and boysenberry.

Mustard & ivory.



4. Barn Wedding Venues


A backdrop of a barn truly ushers in the feeling of a fresh harvest.  You can really get creative with the decor in the wide open spaces that barns provide.



5. Sweaters Everywhere


Get your girls dressed in adorable, cable knit sweaters paired with long, satin skirts and they will be able to wear that sweater again and again.  Sweaters scream cozy like nothing else.



6. Leather Jackets


Another option that will please your bride squad: leather jackets.  Talk about longevity.  A good leather jacket is a cool accoutrement to almost any outfit let alone a bridesmaids dress.



7. Seasonal Flowers


Staying in season makes sense when dealing with flowers.  Bouquets filled with fall flowers are so unique.  

Chrysanthemum, sunflower, aster, iris, delphinium, and freesia are all in season in the fall.  It's also sweet to add dried flowers or fall foliage to the arrangements.



8. Autumnal Foods


Fall has some of the best foods.  For instance, pomegranates!  The jewel filled fruit is such a romantic touch to add to table settings.  You can also do like an ancient Armenian bride and throw the pomegranate against the wall.  The scattering seeds flying through the air represent fertility.

Caramel Apples can make an appropriate appearance on top of a wedding cake or in a sangria.  Butternut squash bruschetta or ravioli...yum.  Cider braised chicken.  Roasted rack of lamb.  Wood fire oven pizzas.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup can warm up a belly and keep feet dancing as a late night snack.



9. Pie, Yes, Pie.


Pie makes perfect sense in fall.  It's the time to get that pumpkin pie spice fix like no other.  Maybe you are not so enthusiastic about wedding cakes.  Well, forget it all together and serve an assortment of lovely pie instead.  Apple.  Pear.  Pumpkin, obviously.  Pecan.  Butterscotch.  And don't forget the whipped cream.



Photo by Lauren Gray @laurenagray

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