So, You Want to Rock Your Wedding?

Author: Lula Walker

The right wedding song can send your party to the floor and make memories that you will never forget.  The right wedding song can encapsulate your whole relationship and tell your story to your guests.  The right wedding song can express the inexpressible.  

Music is personal.  

There are the #1 wedding songs that everyone has heard and can't help rocking out to.  And then there are the songs of your life.  Your wedding playlist could be a mix of both. 

We love that people are making their receptions unique.  Music can set the pace and tone of your party.  From what is played as guests arrive to when the bride walks the aisle; there are no rules to follow here.  A cinematic score can add drama to the anticipated moment when husband and wife see each other for the first time.  Certain songs can enhance a chosen theme.  Think Ella Fitzgerald for a vintage feel or Saturday Night Fever for a disco-themed wedding.

Music can involve your guests more than just seeing them cut a rug.  You can ask guests to send you their song requests when they RSVP.  But be may end up with a song that you cannot say no to because it's your mother-in-law's pick.  There's no turning back once she's picked Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.  

When choosing the song you and your soon-to-be-forevermore can sit down and listen to a list of options.  You'll know what moves you both.  We hope you enjoy that sweet spot of wedding planning and do some dancing in the process.   

Here are some of our obscure favorites that we have been carefully compiling for years.  You might just find what you have been aching to hear.


Image by Luwadwin Bosman

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